INHON Famorr C08TA 法莫智慧型平板保護套 7.9″

INHON Famorr C08TA 法莫智慧型平板保護套 7.9″

For INHON Famorr C08TA 7.9"

- Provides full screen protection
- Made specifically for the INHON Famorr C08TA
- Slots for your cards
- Magnetic closure to keep the case securely shut
- Stitch finishing, making it beautiful
- Lightweight materials and design
- Built-in viewing stand function

Further Service:
- Customizable for all smartphones
- Personalize with monogram or logo
-OEM highly welcome


■ 材質: Imported PU leather
■ 規格: 7.9 Inch
■ 適用機型: INHON Famorr C08TA






1. Material: Imported PU leather. Top quality and luxury.

2. Precise PC mold design, perfect cut-out for all accessible functions.

3. Personalize with monogram or logo.

4. Exquisite details.

5. Ultra Slim, easy, elegant and fashion.

6. Min orders: 100 pcs

7. Contact us for required sample